We are an investment firm focused on venture capital and global growth.

Our values of trust, ethics and friendship have allowed us to build strong partnerships.

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We are immersed in international markets, international affairs and foreign policy; understanding the complexities of global issues and their challenges.

We experience business and cultural transformations firsthand, giving us insight into international ventures.

Venture Funds

The Flying Object
Focused on the commercial drone and robotic sectors (software, hardware, sensors, data analytics and new generation solutions).
The Next Impact
Transformative technologies including big data, artificial inteligence, machine learning, FinTech, new materials and cybersecurity.

Affiliated Fund

NOVIT Ventures
Affiliated with Novit Ventures,LP and Novit, LP medical funds dedicated to e-health, digital health, advanced medical technologies, genetics and biotechnology.

Recent Investments

Investing in Tomorrow

Arthur Kluz holding a drone

We are passionate about new technologies, and actively invest in sectors that will revolutionize our world and be the drivers for future growth.

  • eHealth
  • Medical Technology
  • Commercial Drones
  • Robotics
  • FinTech

We help entrepreneurs and companies to build their businesses, while guiding them towards global growth.

Driving Global Growth

Our international legal and investment experience from the United States, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia have given us the unique know-how and expertise to help entrepreneurs and privately owned companies build their global businesses.

We have had the opportunity to work directly with successful leaders, executives and privately owned businesses across the EU, USA and GCC.

  • Structuring, Negotiating and Executing International Transactions
  • Global Market Access
  • Growth Acceleration
  • Cross-Border Transactions

Artur Kluz

Artur Kluz is a venture capital investor and lawyer with extensive international affairs experience, who is currently managing partner of Kluz Ventures.

Artur is an ardent believer that breakthrough technologies should be used for improvement of human lives. His belief that investments in these technologies can lead to social impact and promote a global culture of genuine human growth that meets the legitimate needs of all peoples and can serve as an inspiration for future generations.

Photograph of Artur Kluz